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How to Delete all the queues from RabbitMQ?

1. Using Policies - Management Console

  • Go to Management Console
  • Click on Admin tab
  • Policies tab (on the right side)
  • Add Policy
  • Fill Fields
    • Virtual Host: Select (Default is /hyperion)
    • Name: Expire All Policies(Delete Later)
    • Pattern: .*
    • Apply to: Queues
    • Definition: expires with value 1 (change type from String to Number)
  • Click on Add / update policy
  • Checkout Queues tab again, all queues must be deleted.



You must remove this policy after this operation.

2. Using command line

First, list your queues:

rabbitmqadmin list queues name 
Then from the list, you'll need to manually delete them one by one:
rabbitmqadmin delete queue name='queuename' 
Because of the output format, doesn't appear you can grep the response from list queues.

Alternatively, if you're just looking for a way to clear everything, use:

rabbitmqctl stop_app
rabbitmqctl reset
rabbitmqctl start_app


Be sure you really want to do this! This gonna reset all your rabbitMQ configuration, and return it to the default state.