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Installation Script


The installation script and this guide are not to date.


The usage of this script is highly recommended for fresh installations. If you already have dependencies installed, update them manually before running the script.


For Windows installation using Multipass, refer to this guide

We provide an automated shell script that installs all dependencies and then configure Hyperion.

The first step is to clone the Hyperion repository:

git clone
cd hyperion-history-api

Then, you just need to run the script:


The script will ask you for some information:

Enter rabbitmq user [hyperion]:

Enter the desired rabbitmq user and hit enter. If you leave it blank, the default user hyperion will be set.

Then, do the same for the rabbitmq password:

Enter rabbitmq password [123456]:

And finally, it will ask if you want to create the npm global folder:

Do you want to create a directory for npm global installations [Y/n] :
This is recommended. If you choose n, global npm packages will require root permissions.

Now, the script will do the work, this can take a while. Get a cup of coffee and relax.


The installation script may ask you for the admin password. This is needed to install the dependencies, please, provide it.

If everything runs smoothly, the script will automatically generate elasticsearch passwords and save them on the elastic_pass.txt file.

To login into Kibana, use the elastic user credentials.

Now it's time to install hyperion!