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How to Delete all the queues from RabbitMQ?


Be sure you really want to do this! This gonna reset all your rabbitMQ configuration, and return it to the default state.

1. Using Policies - Management Console

  • Go to Management Console at http://localhost:15672
  • Click on Admin tab
  • Policies tab (on the right side)
  • Add Policy
  • Fill Fields
    • Virtual Host: Select (Default is /hyperion)
    • Name: Expire All Policies(Delete Later)
    • Pattern: .*
    • Apply to: Queues
    • Definition: expires with value 1 (change type from String to Number)
  • Click on Add / update policy
  • Checkout Queues tab again, all queues must be deleted.



You must remove this policy after this operation.

2. Using command line

First, list your queues:

rabbitmqadmin list queues name 
Then from the list, you'll need to manually delete them one by one:
rabbitmqadmin delete queue name='queuename' 
Because of the output format, doesn't appear you can grep the response from list queues.

Alternatively, if you're just looking for a way to clear everything, use:

rabbitmqctl stop_app
rabbitmqctl reset
rabbitmqctl start_app