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WSL2 + systemd

Guide on enabling systemd if you are using WSL2 on Windows.


Optimizing for performance is beyond the scope of this guide, this is intended for learning and development on Hyperion. systemd is now available in WSL2 and required for this guide. Read more

1. Make sure WSL2 is updated

Windows Terminal

wsl --update

2. Install and launch an Ubuntu 22.04 instance

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS on Microsoft Store

3. Enable systemd

The infrastructure requires systemd to be enabled

Linux Terminal

As root edit the file /etc/wsl.conf

sudo nano /etc/wsl.conf
Add the following lines

4. Restart the WSL2 engine

Windows Terminal

Shutdown all instances

wsl --shutdown
Start your instance
wsl -d Ubuntu-22.04

5. Proceed with the installation

Automatic Installation Script

Manual Installation